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Salty Treasures

As a Florida native and Salty Witch one of my favorite things to do is beach comb.

Shells in general are connected to the throat chakra and can help us find out voice and also be better communicators. This also means listening. I often place shells around my house facing open side up or out for just this reason.

Sanddollars, seahorses and starfish while not as common to find each have unique meanings. Sand dollars are a sign of creativity and peace. inside a sand dollars it’s skeleton has several dove shaped bits. When we think about the sand dollar and it’s ability to move freely on the ocean floor to find calm waters it can remind us to move on when it serves our greater good. Seahorses seen as luck and strength while not the best swimmers they can hold tight when things get rough. Starfish shape lends it self to being connected to the celestial. It’s ability to regenerate though is where I see magic. To come back from tragedy to grow strong through challenges. Patient, resilient, healing and connected to divine.

If your super lucky you might find a hag stone or holey stone. These were hung over barns to keep the banshee from riding away with your horse in the night. They are also said to bring sight, like opening a portal to another realm.

One of my favorite things to hunt though is sharks teeth. I recently started working with teeth in jewelry and connecting with the energy of the shark in new ways. Sharks teeth jewelry became popular in the late 60s with surfers. They have been regarded as powerful talisman though for centuries. Sailors would wear to protect at sea from attacks and drownings. Its masculine and protective energy also drew warriors to this fossil. Once seen as a gift from the stars it reminds us that the oceans are as vast as the sky’s with so little still known. This helps to awaken a sense of adventure, and bravery Confidence too in dealing with changes and easily adapting come from its association with root chakra. When you are sure in your self you are the master of any situation. At the same time it can heighten intuition as sharks have excellent vision. 10 times greater than humans in water.

This leaves me with our last ocean treasure, also a fossil, the ammonite. The circular body and chambers act as a spiral filter. Spirals represent growth, rebirth and transformation. Each chamber acts to filter energy. This can help bring stability and order to your life. What sea animal or treasure do you connect with?

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Jun 28, 2022

beautiful read love it i connect strongly with dolphins

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