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I get asked this a lot.  Maybe you are wondering too. 

The word Witch by definition can mean many things including .. ​

1. a woman thought to have magic powers, especially evil ones, popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat and flying on a broomstick.               

THIS is very Hollywood but has some historical truth which I will share later. 

2.  a practitioner of witchcraft especially in adherence with a neo-pagan tradition or religion (such as Wicca)While modern witches do believe in the ability to harness the forces of nature, Wicca has nothing to do with Satan, or evil spells.

3. a mean or ugly old woman : HAG, CRONE

4. charming or alluring girl or woman

I might at times be one or more of these things depending on who you ask or my mood.

Truth be told there IS a little Witch in all of us. 

These days there are lots of boxes. Many claim the term pagan as a larger umbrella. The word pagan is basically anything that fallls out side mainstream organized religion. Wicca and it’s various branches fall under this, as well as forms of Druidry and Norse pagan.  if You don't HAVE to chose a box though and you don't need to identify as a witch to be here.

I believe we all have a unique connection to Divine source.

I welcome you to explore that here in this space. 

In my family tree we do have a history of  people with gifts of intuition and some that used their hands and plants in conjunction with prayer for healing.

 Since I was a kid I have had connections with various claires.  I feel most connected to this world and my creator through nature not in the walls of a building. 

As I grew up and in to my gifts my Family and Friends would often refer to me a s a Witch. Most lovingly but not all.  I am the one they come to for question about crystals, dreams, the moon, plants, oils and so much more. I love that I get to be this person for so many.

Now I can be this person for you too! 

So for the many generations of women and men who flew this path before me and the generations of unique gifted souls ro come,  yes I am a Witch.

I am Your Witch Next Door. 

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