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Spring Cleaning

When we think about spring cleaning we think of closets, cupboard, and garden beds. While I’m a huge fan of a good purge for me cleaning is spiritual not just physical. If you want tips on physical cleansing Marie Kondo is your Witch,.. and yes I do believe she is truly a Witch. Have you seen her talk to the houses? If you want tips on spiritual cleansing this is for you. Sometimes before you even began to clean you need to get the energy moving. i like to start with sound. I love a bell or singing bowl. This helps loosen those energetic cobwebs. Then get some good tunes on and get to work! Once you have finished the physical cleansing a smoke cleanse is nice. There are lots of choices. Most popular is sage and often referred to as smudging. However smudging is a ceremonial practice reserved for indigenous culture. And this is a topic that requires its own article. Most important when choosing herbs to smoke cleanse with it sustainable harvesting, and ethical farming. My husband who is of Native decent can’t stand me smoking the house out. So when he is around I use a room spray. Oils lIke Palo santo, Juniper, and lemon add a few clear Quartz, a little witch Hazel and distilled water, your making house magic! Sometimes these steps are enough to shift the energy in your home. Unless you have an entity or attachmemt.

Yes I know this sounds super bad but most unwanted energy will leave with out to much fuss as they were just looking for a door anyway. And this too Could be an article in itself. However before you start your burning or spritzing you can take a minute to ground yourself, then connect to higher self or divine source energy. This could be God, Angelic Guides or what I taught my children to be their Jesus light. When you do this you can cast a protective bubble of white energy around yourself. You can then go room to room politely, but firmly asking “That which no longer serves my greater good is asked to leave this home, you can enter into the light that is ready to welcome you or not,.. but you can’t stay here.” Kind of like a bartenders last call at closing time. “ You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here” how many times did I say those words in my days working the bars.

Once you have cleared your home you will need to seal and protect it. This can be done with water, or oil making sign of the cross or other protective sigil over doorways. Salt, plain table salt to protective and banishing black salt even eggshells can be put on door jams and sills to protect. And there ya go! Spring cleaning to a whole new level. Treat yourself to a nice bath with Epsom salts to cleanse your personal energy and reward for your work. You have earned it.

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